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Ambassador Bridge Blockade: For six days, a Trumpism-styled “Freedom Convoy” formed a blockade at The Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Canada, a key border crossing for U.S.-Canada trade, and wreaked havoc on the economy creating 300 million dollars in losses per day. The Ambassador Bridge – a 2.3-kilometer steel span that ties Windsor and Detroit – carries upwards of 10,000 freight trucks between Canada and the United States per day. The convoy demonstrations started as a movement to oppose a Canadian government policy that requires mandatory vaccinations for truckers who cross the border from the U.S. The campaign quickly widened into a well-organized, heavily funded crusade to push back against Covid-19 restrictions. The blockade not only delayed billions worth of goods traveling between Canada and the United States — but it also has businesses and experts worried about the future of cross-border relations. AS the blockade raged on, the Mayor of Windsor said “You have 100 people who are holding hostage part of our national economy.”  Exactly how a protest that displayed the hallmarks of a glorified tailgate party brought a significant chunk of Canada’s major economic artery to a standstill and forced emergency bilateral talks between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is at once comically absurd and deeply troubling.

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